Thursday, December 22, 2016

Just like clock work...

We received a snow storm on December 19th that dropped roughly 6-8 inches of fresh powder.  There was not a lot of moisture in the snow due to the low temperatures that night/morning (-8 degrees.)  The snow stayed in place all day but I knew the wind would pick up at night because the next day was suppose to be sunny and a high of 35 degrees.  Like clock work, when I drove into work I could see the blowing snow, drifts forming and the wind swept turf.  The wind blew till about 11am that morning with some gusts reaching over 26mph. 
The snow fence we had up did its job! The fence broke up the wind pattern and allowed snow drifts to form, insulating the turf.
  The fence on #1 green
The fence on #18 Black Tee.  See how the snow is gone from the left (west) side of the fence.  The wind is blowing from the west, the fence is disrupting the flow, allowing the snow to deposit on the tee surface.  If the fence was not there, the tee surface would have been wind swept.
The fence on #2 fairway.  We only had the left side up before the storm.  The entire fairway would have been wind swept if not for the fence.  We added the other 2 rows yesterday in preparation of the upcoming Christmas Day snow storm.  There is 1/4 mile of snow fence up on this hole alone! 
The tree limbs are working perfectly!  I think we need to add more limbs to the west side to catch more snow.  The snow drift length will range from 10-30 feet long.  Good lesson here on the placement of the limbs for the next time we use this method.
I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Thank you for all the support here at Arrowhead Golf Club.  I look forward to another successful year in 2017! 


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