Friday, December 6, 2019

Start of winter

Winter has come in a little early for us.  We normally receive our first snow fall around Halloween which it did this year.  (Thankfully I was with my family in Mexico at the time!) It will melt away in a few days and we will reopen the course for golf.  We have been receiving off and on snow storms since.  I think we were open only 12 days in November for golf due to snow.  This is very uncommon for us at this time of the year.  We were scheduled to blow out the irrigation system on Monday and Tuesday, November 25th and 26th.  It was forecast that a huge storm was to roll in that afternoon.  My team and I hustled all day long to blowout the system out ahead of the storm.  We finished that night around 6:30 pm in the dark, with head lamps on and frozen fingers.  We received over 20 inches that night and into the next day which made the course impassable. The 26th was a bust.  After several day of plowing snow and snow blowing cart paths, were finally able to get the compressor off the property. 

We have received several days in the 50's since with high winds that have stripped the snow off certain areas exposing the turf.  I decided to borrow a 185 compressor to recheck all of our work from the week prior.  So far, no water has been found in the pipes but we still need to recheck a few holes.  A big "Thank You" goes out to my team for sticking around in the dark snowy weather to get this crucial job finished. I always say, "Putting the course to bed correctly insures an easier spring when you wake up from your winter sleep." 

 Looking at 18 green and the Practice green
 It took a little while for our skid to warm up!

 Rechecking our work after the storm
The wind stripped the snow away at the beginning of 15 fairway allowing me to find the QC so I could tap into our mainline