Sunday, January 13, 2013

#14 Lake Improvements

The turf care department strives to protect the environment, conserve water and to enhance our wildlife presence.  One part of our capital improvement plan was to improve the aesthetics and water quality at the lake.  We joined forces with a local company that will assist us in improving our water quality.  They have taken water samples and based on science, they will be providing a maintenance program that will use beneficial bacteria to help maintain clear water and to reduce any algae accumulations. 

The second part was we needed to remove all of the storm damage and unsafe trees around the pond's edge.  With removing the trees, we will conserve water that would normally be taken up by the trees.  We left many trees standing that were not damaged and left the fallen trees on the ground so we did not disrupt to much of the wildlife habitat. 

This is just one step that we are doing here to help protect the environment.  There are several other projects planned for the near future.  Keep checking back in to see what Team Arrowhead is up too.