Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Winter watering

Its been only a few weeks since we blew out the irrigation system and we have only received a dusting of snow over the past 2 months.  To combat the dryness, we are out watering greens and tees and any turf areas we can get.  It is crucial that we keep the crown of the plant hydrated.  We utilize a 500 gallon water tank attached to our tractor and roller bases attached to pumps that draw water out of our ponds.  If we had snow drifts building up due to our snow fence, we utilize our track snow blower to distribute the snow over the grass to keep it covered and hydrated.  I have already done the snow dance (nobody saw me, thanks god) and we are expecting some snow this week. If the meteorologist strikes out again about the storm, we will continue to water as much turf as possible.  If we do not receive any substantial moisture by January, we may have to charge up the irrigation system to water the course.  Nobody especially my Irrigation Technician would like to charge up the irrigation system again.  If we all could do the snow dance, the grass would truly appreciate it

Friday, December 14, 2012

Winter is finally here. It's snow fence time!

Winter finally came!  The golf season was extended a extra month with the abnormal warm weather, but finally the cold weather is here to slow down the golf course.  We adapted to the late season keeping the course open for as long as possible.  With the cold weather arriving, we have winterized the on-course bathrooms, removed all tee markers, ball washers, directions signs and bunker rakes.  As always, we have installed over 1.5 miles of snow fence on the course.  We do not install the snow fence to intentionally affect your golf game.  We install the snow fence to trap snow on the course to help preserve the grass over the harsh winter months.    Being in a high desert climate and a very windy site,  we need to make sure the grass stays covered to avoid any winter dissecation.   The harder we work in the winter months keeping the grass healthy, the better we come out allowing for great condtions in the spring.  Here are a few photos of the snow fence and the local wildlife.