Monday, November 11, 2019

Wash Pad Project

 Removal of the old wash pad.
 Installing a 18 inch drain line across #10 fairway

 We had to move the 4 inch main line up and over the drain pipe!
 New concrete drain pan to the new drain coverts

 Building the new berm with the leftover soil from the drain pipe
 Hydro Seeding the berm

This project was 4 years in the making.  We have been without a wash pad this whole time but we were able to manage without it.  We replaced the old wash pad area that was not compliant with county.  The new wash pad has a roof and curbing around the point of entry.  This will not allow rain water or runoff to enter the system.  The old wash pad area was filled in and asphalted.  It is so nice to not have a structure in the middle of our facility.  The county required us to put in a drain line across hole 10 for all water movement.  It was not the ideal time to install the drain in mid July, but the maintenance crew and contractors did an outstanding job.  The work was meticulously done without any damage to the surround fairway and we were able to stay out of the way of our guests.  Once the project was completed, we hydro mulched the soil berm.  The new berm location has pushed closer to #10 which allowed us to enlarge our dumping area.  Also the new height of the berm blocks the line our sight into it.  Before you were able to look right into our unsightly dump.  Yay for this project to be finally finished.   (not sure why I do not have a finished picture of the structure, but I will upload it shortly)