Thursday, January 4, 2018

New Year brings it struggles...

A new year is upon us but the struggles continue with the warm temperatures.  We have had a few tiny snow storms since we blew out the irrigation system in mid-November.  We have installed over a mile of snow fence on the course.  The snow fence help keep the snow in its place on the ground instead of blowing off with our nightly winds.  The only draw back is that you need to have snow!

To help fight of the possible winter desiccation on our greens, tees and surrounds, we use our 500 gallon portable water tank connected to the tractor.  We also utilize the ponds we have on the course.  First we cut a hole in the ice with a chainsaw.  We then use our trash pumps that we can converted the discharge to two 3/4 inch hoses and we then connect them to roller bases.  This winter we had to up our game on how to supplement the needed moisture.  We started harvesting snow by hand and loading them into Workman's bed  and dumping them on tee boxes.  Moisture in the winter is the name of the game!

 #2 Fairway: only the snow fence snow is left on the ground
 #6 Forward Tee: tee being covered with hand harvested snow
#6 Green: no snow cover 
#1 Green: trash pump delivering water to roller base