Saturday, August 2, 2014

New Tee Signage

I am not sure how we made it soooo long without proper tee signage.  When I arrived here as the Assistant Superintendent in May 2007, we had only a few fake tee rocks (made out of expensive Styrofoam) indicating the hole number.  Over the next 6.5 years, I watched the remaining rocks get destroyed by golf carts and the occasional rough unit.  How can you have a golf course without tee signs?  I was pretty embarrassed by our display.  By the end of the 2013 season, we had leftover funds from other project that come under in price to purchase the needed signage.  We explored all options that might fit best with our course layout and the experience that we deliver each and every day.  Being an avid golfer both on the course and laying on my couch watching the professionals play, I always notice every golf courses signage and accessories.  We ended up purchasing signs from Prestwick Golf  Group.  I wanted a hanging sign, just like what you see on TV at the tournament course.  We host over 13,000 tournament rounds each season, so I knew we needed to head in that direction.  I hope you like our new display.  I smile each day as I drive past remembering what use to be there...nothing.

2014 Bunker Renovation

It took a while, but the 8 bunkers we recently renovated have turned out great.  With many years or decades of neglect, we are heading in the right direction with our bunker renovation.  I would like to have all of them renovated at once but unfortunately the monetary funds are not there.  We will continue to renovated as many as we can do each off season until all 68 are finished.  Then repeat...
Here are a few pictures of the finished products on the course.

Where has the time gone...

As I look back at my last post date, where has the time gone?  It seems like yesterday that we still had snow on the ground and we were gearing up for the season.  Everywhere I looked we had projects going on, we were figuring out our seasonal staff, fine tuning our chemical and fertilization plan and mowing grass.  The weather has played an huge factor this year with our normal watering schedule and pesticide plan.  I can not remember the last time is was this wet for so long.  I recall the floods from last year and how strange that was, but all the rain this season has been a little peculiar.  Normally, Arrowhead will "brown out" due to the hot windy weather in the summer, but this year we have been green wall to wall.  I am not complaining at all, its been a great year for both golf and the health of the turf.  Here are a few pictures of the course from a local photographer, Jim Bennett.