Saturday, December 5, 2015

Its been way to long since my last post...

I can not believe it has been over 8 months since my last post.  How the time flies!  Do not worry, I have taken pictures of all of our projects this past year and I will have them up shortly.  A lot of changes happened this year within our department and the course.  I have included a video of how the wind plays an important role not only in the summer but also in the winter.   This wind stripped the all the snow to the ground that had accumulated over the past 3 snow storms.  The most recent storm dropped 6 inches of fresh powder and then the next day the wind returned!
The snow and the snow drifts have played havoc so far trying to put the course to bed for the year.  We had to push back our Irrigation blow-out by 2 weeks because a recent storm dropped 12 inches.  We were unable to drive the large compressor to the pump house.  Golf course accessories are still buried under the snow.  With the upcoming warm weather and the no snow snow fore casted, it should only take us a few days to get caught back up. 

Keep an eye out for more post regarding our course projects this year.