Sunday, January 19, 2014

A little TLC for the shop

The maintenance shop has been getting some needed TLC every winter.  Over the past several winters, we have installed insulation in the ceiling to help keep the warmth in during the winter and try to make it a little cooler in the summer. It still get over 90 degrees in the summer months.  We have repaired the roof so it stops raining inside.  We have upgraded the lighting so we can see what we are doing. and we ran air lines to the work benches.  This winter during the cold spell, we decided to paint the walls.  It probably has been over 20 years since anyone painted and you could tell!  We had to move a lot of equipment and parts to access the walls but it allowed us to go through and throw away a bunch of junk.  It feels real good walking into the shop and seeing everything have a place and how clean it is.  I always felt embarrassed when anyone would enter and I did not want anyone to think that we were unprofessional.  The shop now stands up to our standards and I believe everyone will feel the difference.