Saturday, March 30, 2013

New Equipment Package!

The new equipment package has FINALLY arrived!!!!  I want to thank CNL, Charlie Staples, Mike Miraglia and Victor Rodarte for allowing this to happen.  We were in desperate need to get new equipment.  It had been over 6 years since we got anything new and over a decade since we got any new mowing equipment.  Billy, our equipment manager had been able to keep old equipment running for a long time, but time was finally catching up.  We lost a tee mover last year when the engine blew up and a fairway mower that was on its last leg.  We were able to replace a lot of old equipment with newer models.  We purchased equipment from a company in Maryland that refurbishes them.  Some of this equipment was stripped down to the frame and engine block and rebuilt.  We were able to to purchase 2 Toro Fairway mowers, 2 Toro Tee Triplexes, 1 Toro Sand pro, a John Deere Fairway aerifier and a Toro Greens sprayer.  I am so happy that we are now able to aerify fairways which is going to make a huge difference in playing conditions. 

Phase 1 is complete of the pump station, phase 2?

Well, phase one of the construction is done.  The new pump station has been installed, IREA finally moved the transformer so we can have power and we are all tied-in into the existing mainline.  The crew from American Landscape did a great job installing the pump station.  The only thing we are missing is the Euserc cabinet from IREA (they are the only company that requires it) to hook up the power to the pump station.  Oh ya, the building.  We can thank Douglas County on this one.  As they sit around on the permits for the past 3 weeks wanting  more and more money from us to put up a "shed" to cover the station; they are requiring too many people to get involved in this project.  They are requiring us to get a civil engineer to tell us that we need to seed the bare ground.  Of course we will seed the ground, we are a golf course, it is our job to make the grounds look great.  What else can we do to make them happy? 
We are planning on energizing the pump station the week of April 8th, building or no building.  We have grass to regrow because mother nature was not good to us this winter.  Cross your fingers!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wet Well and Pipe

 Truck carrying the HDPE pipe
 Track hoe digging out the trench for the new 24 inch in-take pipe
 Carrying pipe to the site
 24 inch HDPE pipe being fused together
 Wet well stacks

 Carrying in the wet well
The 3 man crew from American Golf Construction is top notch.  They have already installed the wet well and the 24 inch in-take pipe.  Next step is to start back filling the the wet well and the trench leading into the pond.  We will be repairing the pond liner and once that is done we will start filling the lake again.  Keep checking back in daily to see our progress. 

Pump Station and Pump House Project

This project has been talked about for the past few years.  It was a long process but I am glad that we are under way.  We are installing an irrigation pump station, wet well, in-take pipe and pump house.  Our old pump station was original from 1972 and the wet well was collapsing allowing soil to get into our irrigation system clogging our sprinkler heads.  We first drained the lake by filling our ponds on the course.  As the water level dropped, the irrigation pond split in two and we relocated the fish to the south side of the lake.  We used sand bags to keep as much water in the south side to provide ample room for the fish to swim.  As the ice and snow melted from our last big storm (22 inches of snow) we rented a 4 inch trash pump to remove the rest of the remaining water.  We teamed up with American Golf Construction who will be performing all the necessary work.  They dug out 14 feet of sand stone to install the wet well.  They pulverized the sand stone and they are using it as the back fill around the wet well.