Saturday, March 30, 2013

New Equipment Package!

The new equipment package has FINALLY arrived!!!!  I want to thank CNL, Charlie Staples, Mike Miraglia and Victor Rodarte for allowing this to happen.  We were in desperate need to get new equipment.  It had been over 6 years since we got anything new and over a decade since we got any new mowing equipment.  Billy, our equipment manager had been able to keep old equipment running for a long time, but time was finally catching up.  We lost a tee mover last year when the engine blew up and a fairway mower that was on its last leg.  We were able to replace a lot of old equipment with newer models.  We purchased equipment from a company in Maryland that refurbishes them.  Some of this equipment was stripped down to the frame and engine block and rebuilt.  We were able to to purchase 2 Toro Fairway mowers, 2 Toro Tee Triplexes, 1 Toro Sand pro, a John Deere Fairway aerifier and a Toro Greens sprayer.  I am so happy that we are now able to aerify fairways which is going to make a huge difference in playing conditions. 

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