Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Course Update

After a long winter, we were finally able to open up the golf course on Monday March 16th.  Since opening, we have been able to mow the fairways and tees only once at .625".   We have been able to mow greens 3 times with 2 of the cuts being with the brushes down. Currently the greens are being mowed at .140 and we will be lowering .05" every week leading up to aerification.  Greens aerification will be on Monday April 6th and Tuesday April 7th.  We will be aerifying with a 3/8" quad tine with a 2" spacing.  We were in the process today on fertilizing all the green until today's expected rain has turned into 4" of snow!

We have started our annual work on the repair and maintenance to each bunker.  Each bunker is inspected for correct depth of sand, an adequate lip around the edge and all weeds are pulled out from the edges.  We have started the in-house bunker renovation to the #4 green side bunker.  It was on my list from last year, but it had to be removed from the capital improvement list due to lack of money.  So far we have shelled out the old sand/dirt.  We will reshape the interior of the bunker before we add the drainage pipe and gravel. After the drainage is installed, we will add 5" of sand which will compact down to about 4".  We hope to have this back open in the next week for play.

We are all excited about the course this season and we hope to see you all out there!