Wednesday, May 11, 2016

2015 All over again...

We all the spring season snow, it now is affecting the course in a whole different way.  Just like last year with all the rain we received in April and May (around 16.0") the course is flooding from the surrounding areas.  With over 60" of snow melt and course is again flooding.  The entire surrounding property, homes, roads and mountains all drain thru the course.  The pictures below will show some of the damaged areas.  At the moment, there are several areas on the course that we are unable to mow and correctly maintain.

My fingers are crossed that we do not experience the same runoff as last year.  Last year there were several areas that we could not mow for at least 3 months.  There is a lot of causual water on the course that we will mark as Grounds Under Repair.  Everyday new spots pop up and other spots may dry out.  Please be patient with the playing conditions in these areas.  I am not doing it to make you made and we are trying to be as reactive as possible to your request.  If someone can please do the sun dance for me, it would be greatly appreicated.

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