Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fall Aerification Schedule

We are just about done with aerifying the tees, collars and approaches course wide. We aerified a few holes each morning so we did not impact your golfing experience. We aerified with 5/8" tines with a 2" spacing. We over seed each tee box and approach with a Perennial Ryegrass. We still need to finish #10 collar and approach and the combined tee box on #12/15. Our plan was to have them finished by the most recent rain storm so mother nature could water in the Ryegrass seed. We will start the deep tine process of the fairways and tees as soon as we diagnose the hydraulic pump issue with the tractor. Billy Miller, our Equipment Manager has been working very hard to get the tractor repaired. It is imperative that this is fixed correctly so we can deep tine the greens in mid October. The plan is to aerifier the greens on Monday and Tuesday, October 14th & 15th. We will keep you updated on any changes to the aerification schedule.

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