Thursday, April 18, 2013

Is it still winter?

March and April have been some interesting months.  We did not have any significant snow fall until the end of January and the snow is still continuing into mid-April.  The last few weeks, we have been receiving snow fall ranging from 6-16 inches every 7-14 days.  We had planned to aerify greens and the 8th and 9th but we got snowed out.  Rescheduled to the 16th and 17th but we got snowed out.  With the golf and tournament season knocking on my door, we have planned to skip greens aerification all together.  Soil temperatures are still in the mid 30's and recovery from aerification will be slow.  We will star and needle tines the greens every 3-4 weeks throughout the growing season to keep them happy and healthy.  We are still planning on aerifying all tees, collars, approaches, fairways and rough.  We can shuffle our schedule around as to not bother our guests experiences.  This cultural practice will start as soon as weather permits us.  Arrowhead's fairways have never been truly aerfied so this first attemp will be interesting.  We are planning on core aerifiying with 3/4 inch tines to about 2 inches in depth to remove the many years of thatch build-up.  We will be reseeding all winter kill areas at a high rate with RPR Ryegrass.  All tees, collars, approaches will be reseeded with RPR Ryegrass.  Greens will be seeded with T1 when optimal soil temperature rises for Bentgrass germination. 

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